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Sandy Oliver  

Sandy Oliver

Sandy Oliver, left, on her way back to the house from the mailbox, began working in food history in 1971 when she founded the fireplace cooking program at Mystic Seaport Museum. She continues researching historic foodways, speaks before professional and public audiences at museums, historical and culinary organizations. Sandy teaches historic recipe research and responds to media requests on historic food. When asked, she provides training programs in historic cooking for museum interpreters, She is the author of Saltwater Foodways and Food in Colonial and Federal America. She co-authored Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving History and Recipes with Kathleen Curtin of Plimoth Plantation. In 2008, Saltwater Foodways Companion Cookbook was published, a recipes-only paperback version of the recipes from Saltwater Foodways.

To reach her, write to editor@foodhistorynews.com .

The Place

This is FHN's island home. A museum curator friend described this house as a living historians dream. The kitchen is straight out of Harriet Beecher Stowe's American Woman's Home, has a combination gas and wood cook stove, a huge pantry, and perfect cellar for storing vegetables all winter. Just to the right, is a large garden where Sandy & husband Jamie grow most of their own vegetables. Not pictured are chickens and pigs.

  Our Island Home
Lynda Clancy
Warner Graphics folks

The Staff
Lynda Clancy & Warner Graphics

At left are the production staff for FHN, both are "off-island" as we say here. Lynda Clancy (with husband), who first designed FHN nineteen years ago receives FHN via email attachment, lays it up, PDFs it back to Sandy, who makes whatever corrections she sees, then sends it back. Lynda is the mom of two boys, and is a reporter for the online and print newspaper, Village Soup.

Below are the good people at Warner Graphics in Camden, Maine, FHN's new printing company who have made FHN feel so welcome. Mark Johnson, on the left, is the patient soul at the counter who looks over the pages Sandy brings in, and Stacey Warner, on the right, makes sure the correct ivory paper is in, and makes the after hours phone calls when something doesn't look right. Lynda and Warner Graphics are good friends to FHN and assure its quality look.

John Rees

John U. Rees

FHN's columnist for military food history, John lives in New Hope, PA, where he is a rural carrier. Like many of FHN's subscribers John does living history in what fellow reenactors call The Hobby, and has been researching the life of the common soldier for over twenty years. He is married to wife Linda, and has two really neat sons, Evan and Christian.

MillieThe Cats of FHN

Millie, at right, one of four of FHN's cats over the years. The first Benjamin, was ten when FHN began, all black with a relentless purr. He died at the ripe old age of 14. Next was Mable a grey tiger who sprawled on FHN's desk until her demise in 1997. Henry, a diminutive, intelligent yellow tiger, climbed up the back of the editor's office chair, to snooze between the chair and the editor. We sadly lost Henry in Nov. 1998 but Millie showed up in our barn a month later on the Sunday before Christmas. As she gets older, she spends more time in winter behind the office stove.

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