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The Museum & Collections Directory of Food and Beverage

This Directory was created by the dedication and determination of Shirley Cherkasky and her team of friends. There are over one thousand four hundred museums & collections dedicated to beverages and food listed within this Museum Directory. The museums range from large and elaborate to idiosyncratic and minor in size. This museum data has been collected over years of work by Shirley Cherkasky and Randy Schwartz. Shirley is the founder of the Culinary Historians in Washington D.C. and Randy is a Culinary Historian in Ann Arbor. After the data was gathered a team of experts at the University of Wisconsin created the new database. Kenneth Frazier as well as Jean Looze over looked the directories curation. Their hard work has not gone unappreciated and we still thank them for this wonderful directory today. If you find additional information on the museums listed or discover a new museum all together please email Shirley with the corrections or new information.

A few of the Museums that can be found with in the directory are;

  • - The Agricultural Museum located in Egypt
  • - The Agropolis Collection from France
  • - The Bear Can Museum located in Massachusetts
  • - The Bidenharn Museum and Gardens located in Louisiana
  • - The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum in England
  • - The Bully Hill Vineyards in New York .. to name a few!