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Eataly Los Angeles

Have you ever been at the store you are unable to leave? Because everything is so good that you want to take home the whole store? Eataly is that kind of store.

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If you have not been there, this is a “must visit” store. So what to get there? Here is my list:

Handmade pasta. You can try it at the Eataly's restaurant first and then take some home. It's amazing!

Handmade Pasta, Eataly LA Production of Pasta at Eataly LA

Pizza! Enough said.

Pizza Napoletana, Eataly LA Pizza Cooking at Eataly LA

Olive Oil and Pesto.

Olive Oil, Eataly LA Genoese Pesto at Eataly LA

Carasau Bread and Bread Sticks, Crispy and crunchy, they are the best.

Carasau Bread, Eataly LA Bread Sticks, Eataly LA

Cheese - Burrata, Mozarella, and Grana Padano.

Eataly's Cheese & Salumi Monger Grana Padano Cheese at Eataly LA Assortment of Cheeses at Eataly LA

Amaretti Cookies and Panettone.

Amaretti del Chiostro Cookies, Eataly LA Limoncello Panettone, Eataly LA

Chocolate - Domori, Amedei Tuscany, Caffarel Torino.

Domori Dark Chocolate, Eataly LA Amedei Tuscany and Caffarel Torino Chocolate at Eataly LA

Majani, Sabadi.

Majani, Eataly LA Sabadi Milk Bar, Eataly LA

Dalpian Jams, Fior do Frutta Jams, Organic Tahini, and Light & Dark Brown Sugar.

Dalpian Jams at Eataly LA Fior do Frutta Jams at Eataly LA Organic Tahini, Light & Dark Brown Sugar, Eataly LA

Orange Watermelon, Jackfruit, white raspberries or other unique fruit, vegetables, and mushrooms you will find anywhere else..

Orange Watermelon, Jackfruit, White Raspberries, Eataly LA Organic Fruits, Eataly LA Organic Vegetables, Eataly LA Zima Tomatoes, Mimi Tomatoes, and Cherry Tomatoes at Eataly LA Progressive Farms White Asparagus, Eataly LA Organic Mushrooms at Eataly LA Bananas, Peaches and Unique Fruits at Eataly LA Organic Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs at Eataly LA

Venchi Candy and T'A Milano Truffle.

Venchi Candy, Eataly LA T'A Milano Truffle, Eataly LA Venchi Pralines Mix, Eataly LA Assortment of Venchi Candies at Eataly LA

Beverages - Wines, Juices, Cocao Powders

Wines & Coctails at Eataly LA Lime Juice and Organic Xacao Powder, Eataly LA