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Why GreenPan Is Called Green

Everyone who hears the brand name GreenPan associates it with the company which is environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. And, in fact, this is the effective marketing strategy that puts the company's key principles and policies right into the name. But is it a myth or reality? Is GreenPan actually "green"? What does its name imply?

GreenPan 11 Inch Frypan with Lid

The answer to these questions can be found on the company's website. They claim that GreenPan is deeply committed to sustainable practices and as a result more than a half less carbon dioxide is emitted during the production process. What's more, the company states that they don't use PFOA, a very toxic ingredient often found in first pans with nonstick coating, to produce their products. For many years many cookware companies have been using PFOA in their Teflon coating and this toxic acid is now known to cause cancer and other serious deceases. So, GreenPan makes it clear that they comply with modern sustainable practices and do their best to decrease the environmental footprint all manufacturers inevitably leave.

GreenPan 3.3-Quart Saucepan with Lid

For me it is equally important to use cookware which both looks good and is produced in accordance with the latest environmentally-sound standards. I've made my choice after digging some information and GreenPan looks ideal to me. The cookware with ceramic coating is durable, food cooked in it is delicious and the meals are healthy, free of hazardous chemicals. With such a fuss about dangerous chemical released and mixed with food when heated I prefer to stick to stainless steel collection. To my mind it's safer to use stainless steel cookware to stay healthy and not to worry about the possible negative consequences in the future.

GreenPan Premiere Stainless-Steel Ceramic Nonstick Outdoor/Indoor Square Grill Pan

I'm happy with my GreenPan stainless steel cookware set that I purchased several months ago. It is not very expensive, besides, I got it with discount. You see when you get to their site you are immediately offered to play their spin to win promo game with discounts available. I was lucky to get 25% off my order so I saved pretty much with GreenPan coupon. Plus, my cookware order qualified for free shipping and I got a really great deal.

GreenPan 10-Piece Set

In fact, GreenPan is such a popular cookware brand that you can purchase it at other sites, including Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, JCPenny, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, Target and other. These stores can also offer nice deals and discounts, so if you are going to buy a new set of pans consider checking these stores for special offers too. You can even find your perfect pans in store and purchase them online if the price online is better or if you found a promo code for discount on your online purchase.